In a world full of disagreement we seek to find the truth about health!


Let’s start accumulating sources we use to obtain health information. These could be books, scientific articles, and what not. I suggest each of us posts theirs in the comments and eventually we compile a base of them that we reference from other posts.


Do we really need another health blog?

I started this because of the obvious divide I see in what people call healthy today. Most experts agree that white flour and refined sugars are bad for you, while veggies are for the most part good for you… But it ends almost right there. Some advocate that you eat fat and protein (in the form of meat) and avoid grains and legumes. Others, quite the opposite, insist that you should eat only plants, some grains and most legumes included. There are fit and healthy specimens of each side of the argument, which makes the decision exceptionally hard.

If you are eating junk food every day, you can pick any path, as it is bound to be better. But if one is  already health conscious, it is not quite clear what they should be doing. In this blog we will strive to find the truth about health.

I realize I cannot do this on my own. After all, people are known to look for confirmations of their beliefs, and instinctively dismiss information which could result in contradiction. Thus I will be inviting a number of my friends, varying from strict paleo to raw vegans to challenge each other’s theories and research.

As long as we respect each other’s opinions and are determined to find the truth (which mind you does not have to be the same for everybody), I don’t see what can stop us!

Finally, if there is a place on the internet with a goal similar to this, please stop me now!